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Father Daughter project Empty Father Daughter project

Post by Dirty Rotty on Thu May 30, 2013 1:31 pm

Low rider to High rider Build

88' NBS King Cab 2wd Chevy Dually
Caddy Front Clip, 3 door conversation
BBC, cam, manifold, headers and fuel injection (Superchips custom tune)
T400 GVO
Dropped on the ground 5"s in the front and 7"s in the rear, flip kit on the axle and cut out C-notch
This truck has been a lowrider for 12+ years of the 14 that I have owned it.
I have owned big trucks before but never built one, YET!

My daughter (4 at that time)came to me one day last year with a Truckin Magazine, opened it up and said, Daddy we need to build this truck. Low and bold it was a Ford crew cab on 49" tall tires. I'm not a Ford guy, so we settled on building my dually.
About 2-3 weeks later she asked when are we getting started????

Fast Forward to last month:
I sold my GVO (gear vendors overdrive), which gave me some cash to start. So I started buying parts.
Which made her VERY happy!!! She told her friends at day care, grand ma's and my friends.

So I bought a T400 with 203 transfer case and New torque converter from (TJ's Offroad in Cocoa Fl.) BIG Thanks!!!
Bought a 44 with 8 lug conversion and a 14 bolt SRW rear end matching gears
A buddy of mine had a set of Baja Claws 38"s 5 rims and 8 total tires.
Ordered a set of 53" Ford 5 pack rear springs for the front (recommended by a good friend on here)

I am looking for some tabs and brackets now.
Got the old trans out this weekend.
Bolted up the new t400 and 203 to the truck (Heavy sumbitch) luckily I rented and trans jack.
(That's wisdom with old age)

Time to build the cross member, was going to hack and make one work, but my buddy Tony said we should make one. In process of buying material should have some today.

Talked with a company about drop shackle brackets for the rear springs. Gotta measure that up and get those ordered.

Been talking to one of the guys here on the board about some rims. Looking at 20x10 rims.
Gave the 38's back to my neighbor (due to them being un-street-able ) and unsafe for me and my daughter to drive to the mud pit.

Dirty Rotty

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Father Daughter project Empty Re: Father Daughter project

Post by Admin on Fri May 31, 2013 11:23 pm

its nothing but time n $$...get er done!

i break stuff..and build stuff..and own this site,and also www.facebook.com/OffroadDecals too! get at me if u want stickers made!!

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