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my lil k5.. Empty my lil k5..

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:12 pm

decided to build a big toy and got this. when i got it it already had 3/4 tons and 38" boggers under it.that would make most people happy..but nooo i had to go bigger.i knew i wanted rockwells and huge tires from before i actually had it to build.i sold all the running gear from under it and started getting parts.i built all the spring perches to give me more lift,and added a bunch of perch to the axles.not really the "correct" way of doing it,but it was a mud/trail truck only..and it did that very well. i initially put 18.4-24 titan tractor tires on it,but they were extremely heavy,so i traded them for boggers after using them for a bit.i loved it on the boggers,but it took a lake to actually be able to use it,and having to trailer it everywhere got old quick.i ended up blowing reverse out of the transmission playing around on my road and sold it to a friend of for the pics!!

heres how it started..
my lil k5.. Utf-8BSU1HMDAyMTAuanBn
and some parts that went into it
my lil k5.. Utf-8BSU1HMDAyMjUuanBn
my lil k5.. Utf-8BSU1HMDAyMjMuanBn
my lil k5.. Utf-8BSU1HMDAwMTIuanBn
my lil k5.. Utf-8BSU1HMDAwMTguanBn
and here it is together
my lil k5.. Utf-8BSU1HMDAxNDUuanBn
my lil k5.. Utf-8BSU1HMDAxNDYuanBn
my lil k5.. Utf-8BSU1HMDAxNDguanBn
loaded up to go play
my lil k5.. Utf-8BSU1HMDAxNDguanBn
thats a full size utility quad hiding under it
my lil k5.. Utf-8BSU1HMDAyODguanBn
and here it is on 44s
my lil k5.. Utf-8BSU1HMDAzMjUuanBn
my lil k5.. Utf-8BSU1HMDA0MzkuanBn

i break stuff..and build stuff..and own this site,and also too! get at me if u want stickers made!!

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my lil k5.. Empty Re: my lil k5..

Post by Mike A on Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:42 pm


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