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some of my old stuff Empty some of my old stuff

Post by Mike A on Sat Feb 09, 2013 11:01 pm

[img]some of my old stuff 28247111[/img]this is a pic of one of my favorite trucks!! 72 3/4 ton Big block[img]some of my old stuff 22817610[/img]my 69 Corvette, 350 4 speed[img]some of my old stuff 22647110[/img]an 87 Olds 442 that i bought from the original owner..I bought it to flip[img]some of my old stuff 28350110[/img]this is my 55 Chevy 350, turbo 400, original front load rear with about a dozen center [img]some of my old stuff 22658610[/img]this is my 77 Camaro at Super Chevy, can't say I built all of this one. The car was built by a friend, then another friend bought it, then me. We built a 505 BBC with turbo 400 with a 12 bolt. Daily driver (back before gas was so crazy) and ran in the mid to high 10's before I sold it.[img]some of my old stuff 22645610[/img]this the one that got away, my 66 Chevelle, BBC, bought this as a basket case, replaced all the sheet metal, suspension and interior. Car ran low 12's and I never got to finish before I sold it[img]some of my old stuff 28241210[/img]and this is the reason I'm in to cars, my Dad's 68 GTX, and It ran pretty well as you can tell by all the trophys all around me. Now I've had at least a dozen more cars, but as I learned of Fl 4X4 pictures or it didn't happen!!

Mike A

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some of my old stuff Empty Re: some of my old stuff

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:30 am

i really miss $1/gal gas...i had some fun toys

i break stuff..and build stuff..and own this site,and also too! get at me if u want stickers made!!

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